Servicing National Health Plans

At Invent Health, we intertwine risk adjustment analytics and machine learning with healthcare data to create actionable insights that bolster our clients’ business outcomes and create a tangible difference in their members’ lives.

Health Plans

Our unique solutions provide accurate gap and chase lists, financial and utilization forecasting, gap reporting, and the ability to improve risk scores. In this way, we prevent revenue leakage and false positives all while prioritizing high risk groups.

Provider and Provider Groups

We help provider groups create better outreach and improve HCC recaptures through annual wellness reporting and automated analysis of clinical notes. This leads to accurate identification of high-risk groups, thus improving care delivery.

We Partner with Our Clients to Deliver a Personalized Solution that Works for their Team in Achieving their Goals Year-Over-Year.

Our Process

Recapture, Recapture and Optimize - Medicare, Medicaid, ACA/Commercial

Invent Health creates an effective workflow between payers and providers where gaps in risk scores, care gaps, chart chases, annual wellness visits, and prospective and concurrent coding are all cyclically connected.

Advancing the RA Maturity Curve

Invent Health seamlessly works with its customers to help them climb the ladder of the risk adjustment maturity curve.

Longitudinal member risk scores and prevalence rates

Invent Health compares plan rates against industry rates—this cross-model regarding chronic conditions is necessary to identify potential suspects and boost effective care management between providers and patients.

Invent Health is ready for change

ACA membership will increase if the Public Health Emergency ends (California Market has added 18% of the population to Medicaid between 2020-22). Roughly 150 K Members will be impacted if the PHE funding is stopped.

Outreach campaign & financial impact planning for providers

Invent Health uses a cross-functional outreach strategy consisting of risk adjustment, quality, utilization, and AWE, as well as a comprehensive financial planning strategy with provider incentives and risk-based payments.

How we do it

Medicare, Medicaid, ACA/Commercial

Invent Health’s MAP works with your needs from the very start. The platform is compatible with numerous risk models, such as HCC, CDPS, and HHS HCC, depending on your line of business.

Highlights of the Modular Analytical Platform

  • Suspecting
  • Prospective and concurrent analytics
  • Provider groups targeting
  • Revenue forecasting
  • Annual wellness visit analytics
  • Utilization metrics
  • Point of care data capture
  • Pay for performance metrics reporting

We work as one with our clients to deliver a personalized solution that works for their team so they can successfully achieve their goals every year. With MAP, healthcare plans and providers no longer have to pay for services they don’t need — they pay for what they want.

Clients speak

Customer Satisfaction (CSAT scores)

At Invent Health we are constantly looking to improve our overall customer satisfaction by going above and beyond to ensure we are constantly delivering value. Our results speak for themselves.

Average client satisfaction
Extremely satisfied 100%
Net promoter score (likely to recommend to others)
Promoter 100%
Contract renewal rate
Very likely to renew 100%
How closely do Invent Health's current services meet clients needs
Very likely to renew 94.7%

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